For those who wants to explore a creative visual arts experience,  Flora Rosefsky’s workshops for adults are appropriate for the accomplished professional artist as well as the novice.  As a firm believer that education is a life long journey, Flora creates a risk free environment, where experimentation is encouraged, where folded arms open in a relaxed way – ready to find one’s own voice that expresses the workshop participant’s unique point of view.  Several of her workshops show the correlation between text and expressing thematic ideas in a visual way. Workshops take place at The Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios in Decatur or at various locations such as museums, libraries, community centers – not only in Metro Atlanta, but also in the Metro New York City area as well as in  Upstate New York. In addition to workshops, Flora Rosefsky presents talks followed by discussion or Q&A on topics such as where she gets the inspiration for her work, how her life long journey as a visual artist developed and exploring the narrative interpretation of her work.

To see a list of past and current adult workshops, go to  the Workshop & Program Schedule page.


Today’s interfaith arts workshop event was truly a “wow” experience for all who attended,…each and every one who attended experienced a day that will long be remembered. Your wonderful work in pulling together readings from all of the major faith communities was far beyond what was expected. Your teaching ability gave every participant sufficient guidance from which to work. And, your gentle oversight encouraging where encouragement was needed but giving room for each participant to experience his/her own potential was tremendous. I believe many of the participants discovered artistic talents which before the event they did not begin to realize were dormant in their inner spirits. Giving participants the opportunity to showcase their works made a major contribution to interfaith dialogue.

Those in attendance have taken home a great message to share with their friends and family. Love and understanding of the neighbors with differing traditions moved forward a giant step for those in attendance as a result of your gift. I hope you continue to enjoy doing similar workshops. You are a great teacher and leader.

Bill Voss:  Secretary and arts workshop coordinator- Atlanta InterFaith Leaders Fellowship (AILF)  June 3,2012