With over 35 years as an experienced teaching artist, having conducted children and family workshops and artist residencies for The Southern Tier Institute for Aesthetic Education (in New York State),Binghamton, New York’s Imagination Celebration Program, and in the Atlanta area – The Woodruff Center’s Young Audiences Program, Fulton County School Arts Program, The Breman Museum, and The High Museum of Art, Flora Rosefsky brings her experience and enthusiastic approach to children, teens and families of all ages. Flora creates a risk free environment, where experimentation is encouraged, where folded arms open in a relaxed way – ready to find one’s own voice that expresses the workshop participant’s unique point of view. Her popular “Drawing with Scissors” workshops show how a scissor becomes the extension of one’s arm, just as Henri Matisse created his joyful cutouts. In addition to paper cutouts, other media is often explored. Several of her workshops show the correlation between text and expressing thematic ideas in a visual way. Workshops take place at The Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios in Decatur or at various locations such as schools, museums, libraries, and community centers.

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Danish Fishing Boats: How Demark saved their Jews in WWII

A  Holocaust  collage and mixed materials workshop curriculum developed by Flora Rosefsky, appropriate for 5th grade to middle school,  recreated the story of how Denmark saved their Jewish population during World War II. The Danish people ferried them safely across the sea in Northern Denmark to neutral Sweden. The art activity left a positive impact on understanding how the human spirit can “do the right thing”.

To schedule this workshop or another of Rosefsky’s collage with mixed materials workshops, that can be tailored to meet school curriculum needs, contact Flora.